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2013 Volume Issue 8
May 20, 2013


Clawing back to 2007 Employmwent Levels: 18 million jobs by the end of 2017

In April 2013, we saw the best month Employment Report from the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics in quite a while.

2013 Volume Issue 7
May 15, 2013

Income Distribution versus Redistribution: why not get it right the first time through?



2013 Volume Issue 6
Apr 25, 2013

U.S. Competitive Rebound? U.S. Emerging Nation?

Is the U.S. the ‘new emerging nation’ as some analysts are saying?  If so, why so?



2013 Volume Issue 5
April 9, 2013


Let’s take a walk…watch out for the Gaps: Jobs; Growth; and Fiscal

Follow-up on Labor Shortfall Growth Gap





2013 Volume Issue 4
April 5, 2013

Disastrous Jobs Report for March (March madness)

We've posted a very brief, but important update on the Employment Report for March in order to get it out in a timely manner.  

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(Volume 2009: Issue 2) April 4, 2009)

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Archived Newsletters 


(Volume 2009: Issue 1) January 2, 2009)

(The Financial Fiasco of Two-Thousand Eight (FFTTE))


(Volume 2008: Issue 2) May 13, 2008)

(Oil & Autos: Cartelistic v. Competitive Free Market Capitalism)


(Volume 2008: Issue 1) March 21, 2008)

(The Credit Crisis: Too Big to Fail---too small to matter)


(Volume 2007: Issue 2) August 27, 2007)

(Excessive Subprime Lending; or Misguided Monetary Policy – A Reasoned Critique)


(Volume 2007: Issue 1) February 21, 2007)



(Volume 2006: Issue 2) November 18, 2006)

(The Income Distribution: Where’s the Cash?)

(Volume 2006: Issue 1) January 6, 2006)

(The Killing Fields: Weak links in an otherwise strong economy)


(Volume 2005: Issue 3) August 3, 2005)

(Social Security: Is there a Crisis?)


(Volume 2005: Issue 2) May 31, 2005)

(The Energy Challenge: U.S. Oil Industry (Merger-Mania) and the FED Conundrum Continues)

(Volume 2005: Issue 1) April 29, 2005

(Volume 2004: Issue 3) November 19, 2004

(We’re back…Revisiting previous issues and then on to ENERGY)


(Volume 2004: Issue 2) March 29, 2004

(On Unemployment and Debt…not as dreary as first thought or continues to be reported)

(Volume 2004: Issue 1) February 16, 2004

(Economic schools of thought…of long dead economists and other items of interest)

(Volume 2003: Issue 5) December 31, 2003

(The Federal Reserve System: Sausage making and its relation to monetary policy)


(Volume 2003: Issue 4) November 22, 2003

(National Debt and Federal Deficits…leveraging current assets for tomorrow’s growth)


(Volume 2003: Issue 3) October 10, 2003

(Trade Deficits – How dirty is your float?)


(Volume 2003: Issue 2) August 31, 2003     

(Deflation --- not necessarily a bad thing…restructuring)


(Volume 2003: Issue 1) August 6, 2003 

(What Recession?  Welcome to the World of the New Economic Paradigm)


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